Watson Bay, Sydney Harbour, Australia


Located on the southernmost head of Sydney Harbour, Watson Bay is best known as the first landing place of the Royal British Navy in 1788.


Bordered on the west by Sydney Harbour and on the east by the Tasman Sea, Watson Bay is one of two land areas separating the Pacific Ocean and Sydney Harbour.


Watson Bay is also famous as the very first place to have a Doyles Restaurant.


The location of the restaurant is where Doyle was known to sell the fish he caught everyday in 1845. Doyles is known for casual seafood dining and the ever popular British snack, fish and chips.


The walking paths from Watson Bay lead to the north and south end of the wharf. On the north side is a nude beach in Lady Bay while on the south side is the Hornsby Lighthouse. Further on, past the infamous suicide site,

Watson Bay, Sydney Harbour, Australia


The Gap (wherein an estimated 20 to 30 people lose their lives every year), are the Signal Station and the Macquarie Lighthouse. Seen here also is the site of the wreck of the ill-fated ship, Dunbar, wherein 121 met there death on August, 1857.


Watson Bay can be reached by car through Oxford Street down the Old South head road. By bus, take the 324 from Circular Quay.

It can also be reached by ferry from the Quay.


Watson Bay in History:

  • 1788 – Captain Arthur Phillip landed at Watson Bay on his first trip to Australia. The bay was named after Robert Watson who was harbourmaster of Sydney port in 1811 and in 1816 was Macquarie Lighthouse’s first superintendent.

  • 1793 – Edward Laing was granted the first 20 acres of land in the area of Camp Cove.

  • August 20, 1857 – The Dunbar, a sailing ship, mistook The Gap as a harbour entrance and crashed into its cliff. More than a hundred lost their lives.

  • 1860s – Watson Bay was primarily a fishing village.

  • 1942 – An anti-submarine boom net was constructed at Watson bay on Greens Point to prevent invasion from the sea during World War II. After the war, the net was removed and all that is left are the foundations and boom net winch house.

Today, Watson Bay is a residential locale with some beaches and recreational facilities. Popular among Sydneysiders and visitors are the walks, restaurants and historical landmarks found here such as Gap Park, St. Peter’s Church, and Robertson Park.