The Three Sisterss - Katoomba Echo Point


From Katoomba’s Echo Point, the view of The Three Sisterss found in the Blue Mountains is a breathtaking sight indeed.


The rock formation of this Australian wonder is awesome and is a further testament of how beautiful natural occurrences can be.


Close to the town of Katoomba, The Three Sisterss is higher than the Jamison Valley.


Climbing up the giant steps or making your way up the path that

leads to the peak of The Three Sisterss, you will be rewarded

with a spectacular view of the valley below.


There is a very interesting Aboriginal myth surrounding the Three

Sisters. It is said that long ago, three sisters of the Katoomba tribe

named Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo fell in love with three brothers from an enemy tribe called the Nepean.

The Three Sisterss - Katoomba Echo Point


Since it was forbidden for them to marry, the brothers decided to try and abduct the sisters.

The tribal war that resulted from this action threatened the lives of the sisters.


In order to save them, a well meaning witchdoctor cast a powerful spell that turned the sisters into rock formations.

This was only meant to be temporary as he fully intended to turn them back to their original form after the war was over.

Unfortunately, the witchdoctor did not count among his extraordinary powers the ability to see the future.


If he did, he would have known that he would not survive the war and thus would be unable to restore the sisters to their original form.

Since no one else knew how to reverse the spell, The Three Sisterss remained very large yet beautiful rock formations.


There are claims, however, that this myth was fabricated for marketing purposes and did not originate from Aboriginal folklore.

Whatever its origins, the story makes the rock formations a great deal more interesting. The whole tragic romance bit sells tickets very well.


The Three Sisterss is part of several Blue Mountains attractions. Formed by a geological phenomenon known as erosion, The Three Sisterss are made

up of soft sandstone that broke apart when water seeped through the cracks. It is predicted that eventually the Three Sisters, with time, will completely erode away. It is therefore important to properly document these formations to the best of human ability.


Meehni, the tallest of the Three Sisters, stands at 922 meters. Wimlah stands a close second at 918 meters while Gunnedoo is 906 meters high.