Sydney Church - The Angelican Church


Because the first settlers in Sydney, Australia were mainly English, most of the churches built were by the Church of England or Anglican Church. The Anglican Church has as its head the reigning monarch of Great Britain whether King or Queen. Founded in the seventeenth century when the Tudors reigned over England, Henry VIII declared himself supreme leader of the church in England so that he might divorce his queen and marry Ann Boleyn. Thus the Church of England was born.


The following are the Anglican churches found in Sydney:

  • Church of St. James – 173 King Street

  • 1800s – Building was originally a courthouse.

  • 1824 – Year it was consecrated and became the second colonial church.
    It was designed by Francis Greenway.

  • 1832 – John Vurge designed the vestries. Both he and Greenway were convicts shipped to the new colony.

  • Oldest church in Sydney after St. Philips’s was burned down.

  • St. Philip’s Church – 20 Grosvenor Street

  • 1802 – Parish of St. Philip’s was established.

  • 1848 – Building of the churched commenced.

  • 1856 – Blessed by Bishop Fredric Barker.

Sydney Angelican Church


  • St. Andrew’s Cathedral – Sydney Square, George Street
  • 1819 – The year it was built.
  • 1868 – The year it was consecrated.
  • First and oldest cathedral in Australia.
  • Holy Trinity Church – Millers Point, corner of Argyle and Lower Fort Street.

  • 1840 – The church was founded.

  • 1844 – The first mass was held.

  • 2000 – The church was finally consecrated

  • Christ Church St. Laurence – 507 Pitt Street

  • 1840 – Construction on the church began. It was built on the area of the parish hall and was designed by Henry Robertson.

  • 1841 – The church was completed.

  • 1845 – Consecration of the church.

Though there are predominantly Anglican churches in Sydney, there are also some Catholic churches. This is because there were Catholics among the first convicts and officers who came to settle in Sydney.


The following are the Roman Catholic churches found in Sydney:

  • St. Patrick’s Church

  • 1840 – Start of building under the direction of Australia’s first Bishop, Dr. John Bede Polding.

  • 1844 – Officially started to serve the public.

  • Sydney’s oldest standing Catholic Church.

  • Majority of the statues in St. Patrick’s came from France.

  • St. Mary’s Cathedral – Adjacent to Hyde Park and bordered by College Street, Cathedral Street, and Albert Road.

  • 1821 – Work on the building began. Gov. Lachlan Macquarie laid the first stone.

  • 1835 – The First Archbishop of Sydney took up residence here.

  • 1865 – The Cathedral was engulfed by a fire. It was rebuilt the same year.

  • St. Mary’s was the first Catholic Church built in Sydney. Its position as the oldest Catholic Church was usurped by St. Patrick’s after the 1865 fire.