Sydney Olympic Stadium - ANZ Stadium


Primarily built for the Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games in

2000, the Sydney Olympic Stadium or ANZ Stadium was inaugurated

in 1999, a year before the actual Olympic Games took place.


It is part of the Sydney Olympic Park which is a city renovation project.


When architects were called in to design the Sydney Olympic

Stadium, they had to follow certain rules:

  • The stadium should be large enough to accommodate large crowds during the Olympics but be easy to scale down during smaller events (without renovation).

  • There should be no drain on the environment with the construction of the facility.

  • Design should be really good. It should be in keeping with the dignity of the sports and activities held here.

Sydney Olympic Stadium - ANZ Stadium


The designing of the Sydney Olympic Stadium was awarded to the Australian firm Bligh Voller Nied in cooperation with London’s Lobb Partnership. Some critics say the stadium is oddly shaped, but many say that the design is in keeping with nature. At first, the Olympic Stadium had a seating capacity of 110,000, making it largest Olympic stadium in history. However, a renovation in 2002 changed its seating capacity to 83,500.


Events held at the Sydney Olympic Stadium and their recorded crowds:


Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • Track and Field -112,524

  • Men’s Football Final – 104,012

Rugby Union

  • Bledisloe Cup (2000) – 109,874

Rugby League

  • NRL Grand Final (1999) – 107,558

  • Bulldogs vs. St. George Illawarana Dargons (2005) – 33,105

  • Bulldogs vs. West Tigers (2005) – 29,542

  • Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs (2007) – 34,315

AFL (American Football League)

  • Swans vs. Collingwood (2003) – 72,393

The Sydney Olympic Stadium is also used as a venue for other activities such as:

  • Extreme sports

  • Motorcycle speedway

  • Concerts

  • Cricket matches

Ever since it opened, the Sydney Olympic Stadium boasts a total of 10 million crowds for events held there. The stadium is located inside the Sydney Olympic Park situated in Sydney’s central business district.

The Sydney Olympic Park for the ordinary Sydneysider:

  • Over six million people flock here everyday to play sports, ride bikes or take in a concert or festival.

  • It is a prime location for businesses to set up office (presently, 60 businesses are set up in the Park).

Events held at the Sydney Olympic Park:

  • Music by Moonlight – performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

  • Art Express at Newington Armoury

  • Kids in the Park – holiday activities for kids.