Hay Market, Darling Harbour, Sydney, AU


Haymarket is Sydney’s link to the east. Situated near Darling Harbour

and surrounded by Ultimo, Chippendale, Surry Hills, and Sydney City, Haymarket is the location of Sydney’s Chinatown.


A large population of Chinese immigrants settled here in the mid 19th century and it is presently the home of exotic Southeast Asian stores, restaurants and groceries. The hot blooded Spanish settlement also has its home in Haymarket. This is the place where you can live it up as a Spanish Don, sipping a copa of Sangria, partaking of churros and thick

hot chocolate while watching performers dance the flamengco.

If you are into bargain shopping, Haymarket is the place to be. Paddy’s Market, Sydney’s largest old style market is contained in a huge warehouse and offers a variety of products from food products, clothes, souvenirs, etc. Haymarket’s proximity to inexpensive accommodations, exotic cuisine, and transportation services are major factors that add

to Haymarket’s reputation.

Hay Market, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia


Because Haymarket is known for the variety of cuisine and entertainment available even during very late hours, it has become a very popular night spot. Outdoor shopping and al fresco dining are popular visitor attractions. Haymarket’s moderate summer temperatures contribute to its popularity as a great place to browse about and look for great bargain items.


Most of Haymarket’s highlights are closely tied up with the fact that it is the location of Sydney’s Chinatown. Some noteworthy attractions are:

  • The monorail and light rail are convenient ways to get to Paddy’s Market and buy fresh produce.

  • Great discounts on designer products are easy to look for within the Market City outlets.

  • Brunches of exotic Asian cuisine are found here at the food halls.

  • Experience unique food shopping at the numerous Chinese groceries.

  • Watch daily live performances at Café Nine, Capitol Centre, and the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

  • Observe Chinese herbalists prepare traditional Chinese remedies.

Haymarket is a great place to experience multicultural living at its finest. Nowhere else in Sydney do different cultures seem to mix together and give visitors a taste of what it’s like to live in other parts of the world without actually going there. It gives visitors a better understanding of how different

people from different walks of life react to different conditions. British fascination with China has been passed down to Australians in a very positive way. Sydneysiders embrace Chinese culture precisely because it is different from theirs. It is this open-minded attitude that encourages people to visit or migrate to this great city.