Hawkesbury River - Sydney’s Best Kept Secret


Dubbed as “Sydney’s Best Kept Secret”, Hawkesbury River is a mere

45 minutes away from the city’s central business district. Despite its proximity to the city, Hawkesbury River provides a secluded and

serene oasis from the busy, bustling metropolis.


Hawkesbury River or Deerubbun, as the Aborigines called it, was

inhabited by the Dhurag on the northern and western side and the Kuringgai on the eastern side.


These tribes inhabited Hawkesbury River for thousands of years and greatly prized seafood found in the river. Today, Sydneysiders enjoy the variety of marine delicacies to be had at Hawkesbury River, especially the rock oysters.


Other seafood found in Hawkesbury River are prawns, crabs, squid and a large variety of fish. So if you love sportfishing then take your fishing rods with you when visiting Sydney or rent them before going there.

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The Hawkesbury River in Australian history:

  • 1788 – Hawkesbury River was explored by two different teams of expeditions. One team came from the northwestern side of Sydney while the

  • other one came from the southwestern side on the Nepean River. After three years, the two teams discovered that they had explored the same river and had given it different names. It was then called the Hawkesbury-Nepean River as a compromise.

  • 1789 – Governor Phillip named the river after Baron Hawkesbury, also known as Charles Jenkinson, the 1st Eart of Liverpool.

  • 1800s – The Hawkebury River was used as the main transportation route to bring in food from the west to the main city.

  • May 1889 – 1st train crossing of the 1st Hawkesbury River railway bridge by the Union Bridge Company of Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • 1937 – Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge became unsafe due to cracks caused by heavy traffic during WWII.

  • 1946 – The new bridge was opened.

Hawkesbury River is known for:

  • Waterfront restaurants
  • Water-edge houses
  • Fishing
  • Touring
  • Holidaying

Hawkesbury River is the starting point of the beautiful Hawkesbury Region. This area is 80% National Park and has various walking paths with varying degrees of difficulty. The one thing this place has to offer that money cannot buy and that the area is known for is its peaceful surroundings.


Hawkesbury is known for the following produce:


  • Apples
  • Stone
  • Fruits
  • Oranges
  • Honey
  • Vegetables

If you do not want to check into the usual Bed and Breakfast found around the area, you might consider hiring a houseboat. Houseboats for hire on Hawkesbury River are inexpensive and the best way to appreciate the surroundings and do some fishing.