Golf Course, Sydney, Australia


Sports and Sydneysiders go together like 2 peas in a pod. Sydney locals are great walkers and many are into biking, long-distance running, and much more. It is no wonder that Sydney is the home for several large

golf courses.

Golf courses are great not just for playing golf but also for unwinding

after a long day’s work. Vast areas of greenery give you a chance to breathe in fresh air and take long, leisurely walks away from the hustle

and bustle of city life and thats exactly what the locals love and do.

There are more the 30 golf courses in Sydney and this fact alone shows already that playing golf is really popular in Sydney. Depending on your handicap in playing golf you can choose a course for beginners like the

Fairfield Golf Club or if your a more advanced player then you can choose

a golf course like the Royal Australian Engineers Golf Club.


Depending on your budget you can find always what you like in Sydney.

Golf Course, Sydney, Australia


Here is a list of several  most popular golf courses in Sydney:

  • Antillpark Golf Club – though the course is not as long as most golf courses, it boasts of several water hazards.
  • Auburn Golf Club – flat and easy to walk, this golf course is affordable.
  • Bexley Golf Club – well maintained and inexpensive.
  • Bondi Golf Club – affordable golf course that offers discount to pensioners and students.
  • Botany Golf Club – has 2 greens and is also easy to walk and inexpensive.
  • Campbelltown Golf Club – a challenging golf course because of its well guarded greens and several water hazards.
  • Carnarvon Golf Club – well sized courses and reasonably priced for a quality golf course.
  • Fairfield Golf Club – ideal for beginners and very inexpensive.
  • Glenmore Heritage Valley Golf Club – golf course is challenging and reasonably priced.
  • Gordon Golf Club – green fees are low.
  • Hurstville Golf Club – reasonably priced but not very challenging.
  • Kurrajong Hills Golf Club – almost completely enclosed by bushland, this golf course is peaceful and pleasant.
  • Marrickville Golf Club – located in the inner city, this golf course affords a good view of Cooks River.
  • Moore Park Golf Club – reasonably priced, well maintained, and challenging despite being so near the city centre.
  • New Brighton Golf Club – this golf course is both challenging and picturesque.
  • North Turramurra Golf Course – not very challenging though quite inexpensive.
  • Randwick Golf Club – makes up for its very short course by providing a spectacular view of the ocean.
  • Royal Australian Engineers Golf Club – this golf course is both challenging and reasonably priced.
  • Sefton Golf Course – greens are well maintained though not very challenging. Still, prices are reasonable.
  • St Michaels Golf Club – the golf course is challenging but expensive.
  • The Coast Golf Club – this course is near the ocean and gives a stunning view of it. Price is reasonable.
  • Tree Valley Golf Club – fees are reasonable but the course is more suitable for social groups.
  • Windsor Country Golf Club – although this golf course is well maintained and inexpensive, it is far from the city.
  • Woodville Golf Course – good rates and well maintained with a long course.

The number of golf courses found in Sydney range from beginner to advanced levels of golfing and truly offers golfers the variety and ambience

needed for enjoying the sport.