Circular Quay, Sydney Cove, Australia


Though not really circular (more of a horseshoe shape from a bird’s eye view), Circular Quay is the best known area of departure in all Sydney and even the world. Circular Quay is situated on the northern side of Sydney, Australia at an inlet called Sydney Cove.

Formerly a shipping station, Circular Quay is now a terminal, tourist, and recreation area for locals and foreigners to enjoy.

Forms of transport found at the Circular Quay:

  • Buses – goes through the Cahill Expressway
  • Ferries- travels to Manly, Taronga Zoo, Watson Bay & Parramatta
  • Trains – above ground so it gives a stunning view of the Quay
  • Water taxis – will take you to any part of Sydney Bay
  • Private cruises – offered by private companies to any part of Sydney Bay.
Circular Quay, Sydney Cove, AU


Sites along Circular Quay:

  • Sydney Opera House – A world-famous theater arts venue that has one of the most famous architectural structures in the world. You know you are in Sydney when you see this building. Among its features are:

  • The Concert Hall – seats 2,679 and houses the famous Sydney Opera House Grand Organ

  • The Opera Theatre – seats 1,547 and is the venue for Opera Australia and the Australian Ballet Company

  • The Drama Theatre – seats 544

  • The Playhouse – seats 398

  • The Studio Theatre – seats 318

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge – Made of steel it connects Sydney’s central business district with the North Shore. It carries pedestrians, rail, and private vehicles

  • Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art – Displays Australian and around the world works of art from the Modern period.

  • City of Sydney Library – Sydney’s largest public library.

  • Writer’s Walk – Australian and other writers such as D.H. Lawrence , Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, etc. are honored here with metal plaques with their names and quotes on Circular Quay’s walkway.

Macquarie Place – Venue for several historical monuments:

  • The anchor and canon from the HMS Sirius (the first fleet ship to arrive in Australia)
  • The Obelisk

The Circular Quay is also home to many street entertainers from guitarists, to mimes, to the regular mate dressed as a very large carrot. A very popular spectacle is a bicycle balancing act. The entertainer balances his bike on a pole, while performing juggling feats. This stunt is a great crowd drawer. Annual special celebrations are also held here such as the Australia Day and New Year’s Eve fireworks. Australia Day is celebrated every January 26,

the day when Australia officially became a British penal colony.