Chinese Garden - A Token of Everlasting Friendship


Built as a token of everlasting friendship between the two sister cities, Sydney in Australia and Guangzhou (westerners call it “Canton”) in China, the Chinese Garden of Friendship was established as a gift from the Chinese residents of Australia to celebrate this continent’s bicentennial “birthday” in 1988.


Located in Darling Harbour, the Chinese Garden of Friendship is a wonder of tranquility and harmony in the midst of busy and commercial Sydney. Built in the tradition of Chinese gardens during the Ming Dynasty, it serves its original purpose as a hide-away from city scenes and day to day existence.

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is not a typical western garden. It has neither flowerbeds nor manicured lawns. The Garden follows the principles of Feng Shui, working very closely with nature and following its natural flow. To see all the features of the garden, you need to travel through its entirety, discovering new thing as you go on.

Chinese Garden, Sydney AU - A token of everlasting friendship


The beautiful, flowing waterfall, ending eventually into a calm, tranquil pond, and the dignified bamboo against the uneven, flat stones, gives this miniature version of a typical Chinese garden an air of serenity and peace. There are also elegantly inscribed traditional Chinese calligraphy alongside relief sculptures of creatures of oriental fantasy such as dragons. Flora found only in the East had been brought over complete the picture.

Features of the Chinese Garden of Friendship are:
  • The Main Entrance and the Hall of Clear Shade
  • Commemorative Pavilion
  • Courtyard of Welcoming Fragrance
  • Hall of Longevity
  • Dragon Wall
  • Lenient Jade Pavilion
  • Water Pavilion of Lotus Fragrance
  • Round Pavilion
  • Chamber of Clear Rhythm
  • Pavilions Among Bamboo and Rock
  • Reading Book Pavilion
  • The Seven Sages in Bamboo Forest
  • Wandering Gallery
  • Dragon Tower
  • Rising Jade Pavilion
  • Twin Pavilion
  • Jade Bridal Carriage
  • Cascading Brook

  • The Gurr

  • Sleeping Boy Buddha

  • Mountain Gate

  • Rock Forest and the Tale of Ashima and the Landlord

  • Peace Boat Pavilion

  • Blue Sapphire Room

  • The Teahouse/Café

  • The Waterfall

  • Annexed Teahouse

  • Aquatic Pavilion

  • Dragon Rock

  • Tortoise Rock

  • Phoenix Rock

  • Unicorn Rock

  • Penjing Nursery



There is also a costume hire shop where visitors can play dress-up and pretend to be an emperor, princess, soldier, etc. Donning a traditional Chinese costume with the Chinese Garden of Friendship as the setting is like traveling back to the era of the Ming Dynasty.