Bondi Beach - The Palm Beach of New South Wales


If you are a “Baywatch” fan who loves to watch the stars of the show flaunt their bronzed, perfect bodies on sun-kissed sandy beaches, you will love Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Pronounced as bon-dye, it is a typical beach scene shown in movies and primetime television.


The lifeguards are athletic and sun-tanned; the male visitors are lounging about in the briefest of bikini briefs nursing bottles of beer; the lady visitors are busy helping their pale skinned children build sand castles. At Bondi Beach, sunbaking topless women are a common site on a very hot summer day.


Approximately one kilometer long, Bondi Beach is one of the world’s best known beaches. The most featured beach on postcards and television shows throughout Australia, Bondi Beach is the Palm Beach of New South Wales. Real estate here is expensive and so is everything else. But the beach itself is still as popular with locals as it is with tourists as it had been for several decades.

Bondi beach Sydney


Bondi Beach is accessible by bus, taxi or private transportation. Its proximity to Sydney’s Central Business District (only 7 km to the east) makes it an easy get-away from busy life in the metropolis. Bondi Beach is Sydney’s closest beach to the city. Surfers like the south side of the beach while families and picnickers go for the northern side. Bondi Beach is visited by different people from all walks of life and can get pretty crowded.

Bondi Beach in time:

  • 1920s – approximately 200,000 crowds visited Bondi Beach

  • 1940s-1950s – during the second World War, visitors were mostly Jews, English, and Italian surf lovers. Taking advantage of families moving away from the shore for fear of invasion, many shrewd businessmen bought large houses near the beach at rock bottom prices.

  • Present – Bondi Beach is now a trendy and modern resort and it’s very popular with locals and tourists.

Things to do in Bondi Beach:

  • Surfing – from quiet to large surfable waves

  • Rollerblading

  • Skating

  • Cycling

  • Coastal Walks – 6 km walk from the southernmost part of the beach to Coogee beach.

  • Flickerfest – an international short film fest held in January

  • Learn Lifesaving – there are a couple of lifesaving clubs on the beach

  • Spend you Christmas day there – popular among Irish and British visitors

  • View “Sculptures by the Sea”

  • Stay at the Bondi Pavilion – great place to observe activities on the beach