Blue Mountain, Sydeny, AU


If you travel all over the world in search of nature in all its glory, you

could not find a better place than the Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia.


Just 90 minutes away from bustling, busy Sydney, this nature’s gift

is the perfect haven to refresh and rejuvenate one’s soul.


The Blue Mountains of Sydney encompasses more than a million

hectares containing natural features such as canyons, waterfalls,

and rainforests. Nature lovers will love this place.


It is the perfect place for site-seeing, bird watching, fishing, hiking,

cycling,horseback riding, bushwalking, mountain and rock climbing, swimming, exploring, canyoning (exploring canyons using different techniques (walking, swimming, climbing, etc.) abseiling (going down

a mountainside using a rope tied from the top of the mountain).


Or just enjoying the view when there and relax.

blue mountain, Sydney, AU


Many painters and photographers get their inspiration from the Blue Mountains. This does not come as a surprise because the Blue Mountains are considered one of the Land Down Under’s natural wonders. Its artistic community is brought alive by its local artists, numerous art galleries, and indigenous festivals.The Blue Mountains of Sydney, Australia owes its name to the eucalyptus trees that densely cover this area.


The natural process that occurs as the eucalyptus oil evaporates and disperses into the air, forms a haze, and gives the mountains their bluish tinge.

But on closer inspection, the craggy gorges are really sand colored. The Blue Mountains are listed as a World Heritage Wonder.

Other features of special note are:

  • The old fashioned hotels and inns fill visitors with a sense of history and nostalgia.

  • There are photographic opportunities to be found during sunrise and sunset when the mountains take on a beautiful glow and wildlife are more frequently spotted.

  • The Blue Mountains take on an ethereal glow in moonlight.

  • There are plenty of nature and adventure based tours to choose from.

  • The Blue Mountains are home to over 100 species of eucalyptus.

  • One of the most ancient cave groups, the Jenolan Caves, is found in the Blue Mountains.

  • There is a variety of accommodations available to meet everyone’s budget.

  • The dining experience in the Blue Mountains are one of the finest in Australia.

  • Antiques and other art collectibles can easily be obtained in the numerous galleries and stores.

  • The various festivals held here are worth seeing.