Balmoral Island, Sydney, Australia


Located near Mosman on the Middle Harbour is Balmoral Island. This island paradise is

only 10 km drive from Sydney’s business district. Although not a usual tourist spot, it is

very popular with the local inhabitants.


The very aura of Balmoral Island takes one back to a time when young ladies would promenade along the shore, a parasol on one arm and a beau on the other. Its very

tranquility affords the visitor a sense of timelessness and reflection.


Named after a favorite vacation spot of Britain’s Royal Family in Scotland’s Royal Dee Side, Balmoral is a fitting place to get away from it all. Shakespearean plays are held there every year and make this island a popular spot for lovers. It is no wonder then that many choose

this little island as a venue for getting married. The entire place is a perfect photo opportunity.


Another special feature of Balmoral Island is the fact that the ocean can be seen through the gap between the North Head of the Sydney Harbour and that of the South. Spotting a ship

that may occasionally pass by is a beautiful sight and fills one with nostalgia.

Balmoral Island is also a popular place for windsurfers.


This is largely because the island affords ample protection against ocean currents

while at the same time providing more than satisfactory wind conditions.

There are three main beaches on Balmoral Island. These beaches are generally enjoyed during warm summers by different people from different walks of life looking for sanctuary

in its craggy harbours. Because Balmoral Island is not as well known as the beaches of

Manly and Bondi, the crowds that gather here are not as dense.

Balmoral Island, Sydney, Australia


The small island of Rocky Point is a charming spot on Balmoral Island that separates Balmoral Beach from Edwards Beach. This charming spot is ideal to have picnics, meaningful conversations and romantic meetings.


A feature of the island visitors often wonder about is a statue of a little dog. The dog’s name is Billy and he was a faithful companion to his street sweeper master for 17 years. Such selfless devotion is definitely worthy of a monument. The second governor of New South Wales, Vice Admiral John Hunter for whom Hunt Valley is named after, also has his statue there.


A walking trail from Balmoral to Chowder Bay is a major attraction among visitors. The magnificent and interesting view to be gleaned from following this trail is a reward in itself. Many art studios have made their home at picturesque Lower Georges Heights, formerly a military post and WWI hospital.

Balmoral Island is the perfect haven for those who just want to sit back, relax and take it easy.