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Sydney, many people worldwide know the name and have the famous opera house in mind as shown

above when thinking about it, but there is much more to see and to do as we will show you on this website.

But before we go on with telling you more about this site just some general information about Sydney.


Sydney, state capital of NSW, is with a population of approximately 4.4 million the largest city in Australia.

The city is often called "the Harbour City" because the many boats that go for anchor at one of the city harbours. Sydney was the first British colony in Australia and was established in the year 1788 by Arthur Phillip, commodore of the 1st. British fleet at a location called Sydney Cove.


The history of the Sydney region goes actually back in time for at least 30.000 years. The first indigenous Australians who lived there centuries ago in Sydney cove are the Cadigal people. These aboriginal

Australians as Cadigal people are also called where living from the south or Port Jackson to Petersham region.


The city is surrounded by many nature parks, beautiful bays with boats and rivers so it is a true paradise for nature lovers who like water sports like sailing, scuba diving, jet skying or water skying behind a motorboat.

The famous Sydney Opera House with his unique shape and Harbour Bridge are just some of the city most

recognisable structures that are shown on many Sydney tourist information sheets bought at local stores.


Sydney is known for warm summers and cool winters and rainfall possibilities during all weather seasons.

With January as the warmest month and average daily temperatures of 27 Degrees Celsius and July as the coldest month with average daily temperatures of 10 Degrees Celsius tourist can actually travel to Sydney

when they find the temperature most convenient for them.


There are many ways of transportation in Sydney. By car, as most residents do is probably the fastest way as the nine metro ads or primary road routes do bring you everywhere fast. Besides that Sydney does also offer also a very extensive train, bus or ferry network to get to any point of the city for a fair price. In case your in a hurry a Taxi might be the best solution as its faster then public transportation but more costly too.


This website will show you a collection of pictures from Sydney and each picture comes with relevant information about what it is, where it is and the history of it. Especially for students this might be usefull

but also for people who are planning to visit Sydney in the near future.


We are not only showing you pictures of the city itself but also the area just outside the city like

Balmoral Island, an island paradise just 10 Km drive from Sydney’s business district or Botany bay,

a white sand beach near Sydney. Just check it out for yourself.

Darling Harbor Sydney

Bare island

Boats in Sydney

Bondi Island NSW

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hay Market Sydney

Sydney Olympic Stadium

Safari Cable Cart in Sydney

Sydney Skyline

Sydney Luna Park

Sydney Monorail

Wollongong Breakwater